Advantages of Thin Brick Veneer

Thin brick veneer is popular as a more affordable and undemanding option to conventional bricks. Thin brick veneers are prepared from the same composite that is used in creating false roofings for homes and offices. Thin brick veneers are an option in the niche of brick veneer panels, being a bit thinner than the usual panels. It is important to get acquainted with the advantages of this wall-covering option.


Thin brick veneers are usually retailed specifically for interior walls and are very easy-to-install. Homeowners can install these using basic supplies without professional help. Most significantly, thin brick veneers can even been installed in areas where conventional brick veneers cannot be installed, i.e. due to lack of basic structural support.


Thin brick veneers are also easy to replace. They are retailed in standard sizes and a replacement is easily available at hardware stores. These veneers require fewer maintenance costs and regular cleaning is not required. They don’t fade and are chemically inert with most household chemicals.

Greater Durability

Thin brick veneers are more durable than other choices in the niche of brick-like wall coverings. This includes imitation bricks. Imitation bricks are prepared from materials like gypsum and cement or certain varieties of plastics. These units are not as durable as brick veneers. Thin brick veneers also offer the best of sound-proofing and fire-resistance performance when compared with other, non-masonry options.