Advantages of Using Big Brake Kits

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There are many benefits to big brake kits that range from shorter stopping distances, better brake modulation, a firmer brake pedal and less brake fade in your system. In comparison, your big brake kit is going to offer more brake power, and a better spread of heat over the drum or rotor to prevent damaging effects, that other standard factory installed systems suffer from. These systems have been engineered by the manufacturers, to provide a higher performance brake upgrade for racing and performance type street machines.

Shorter Stopping Distance

One thing you would notice with these brake kits is a decrease in the stopping distance, as there is a greater area of contact, allowing for better brake control. The calipers in this type of system generally have a bridge design to allow for greater stopping control while they are being applied, and this construction allows for limited wear on your pads as well. Due to the pad design, there is more area that comes in contact with the rotor, so giving the vehicle greater stopping power and heat displacement due to the pad and caliper configuration. If you are operating separate systems for your front and rear brakes, such as standard factory on the front and the big brake systems in the rear, you will need to adjust them for even braking pressure.

Firmer Brake Pedal Pressure and Brake Modulation

In standard brake kits the piston control is below par in comparison to a big brake system, due to the size of the aluminum mounting brackets that are fitted with stainless steel studs that hold the assembly in place. All these systems are outfitted with DOT-compliant stainless steel braided brake lines, High-performance street pads and Forged or squeeze-forged, and high-performance calipers, allowing for greater stopping power and brake pressure. You will not find as much play in your brake lines or brake pedal pressure, with these types of systems, as they run on a higher pressure output.

Heat Displacement

These brake kits have a wider pad area, allowing for a broader range of stopping control due to a wider contact surface. Not only are they designed for optimal contact, but also greater heat disbursement and heat regulation, in essence you gain stopping power and reduce the wear and tear on the brake pads themselves over time. The actual pad surface is larger, and designed to ventilate heat away from the brake assembly as much as possible, extending the life of your pads.

Piston Variances

On a factory installed brake kits, the piston design on the calipers are stunted, which causes loss in the breaking system, as pressure is being applied to the brakes. In the big brake systems, you have a different piston design which gains efficiency in the braking of your vehicle due to an increase of pad pressure from the caliper design, and the grade of the pistons driving the pads. You will want to ensure that when replacing front or rear brakes with this type of system, that the brakes are calibrated properly to avoid side or cross braking from unbalanced brake pressure on your vehicle.