Advantages of Using Maple Lumber

Maple lumber is made of maple trees. There are two types of maple lumber – soft maple lumber and hard maple lumber. It is used in a variety of industrial and home improvement projects like piano-making and as flooring on gymnasiums and railroad crossties. Below are the advantages of using maple lumber.


Hard maple lumber is durable and can last longer than most types of lumber with a service span of 50 to 100 years.


Hard and soft maple lumbers can be used in a variety of ways from building construction, cabinet-making, making musical instruments, veneer, boxes, wooden ware and crates to making billiard cues, flooring and as cutting boards.


Maple trees are common in North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Since maple trees are endemic to all the major regions of the world, the presence of lumber mills specializing in maple tree lumber production are abundant.

Maple Lumber is Acoustic

Maple lumber is tone wood which means that it has the ability to carry sound well, making it ideal for musical instrument making such as violin, piano, drums, electric guitars and cellos.

Maple lumber is also known for its superior nail holding capability, ease of use and resistance to splitting when nailed or screwed. You can also easily glue maple lumber together using wood glue.