Advantages of Using Poplar Lumber

There are many advantages of using poplar lumber in building and do it yourself projects. It can be used in place of just about any wood.

Quick Growth

Poplar lumber is cut from poplar trees which grow well and rapidly especially in the northeast part of the United States. Because of its fast growth and easy care, it can be cut down and the area re forested immediately. Seasoned loggers like to say its the only wood that they can cut twice in their life time since it grows so quickly.

Length and Grain

Poplar lumber can be purchased in boards that are 16 feet or longer due to the height of the trees. Another advantage is the grain on poplar lumber is very straight and fine. For someone using it in furniture or cabinets that is important if you don't like a wood grain that is obvious.

Staining and Assembly

For this same reason, it readily accepts stains and paints and creates an easy to finish smooth surface. Since the grain is straight and the wood is hard it will accept nails and screws more readily without splitting. Poplar is also known for having few, if any, knots so this is another reason for its popularity.