Advantages of Vinyl French Doors

Vinyl French doors have a traditional look but without all the hassle of maintaining a wood door.


Vinyl is a strong weather resistant material that doesn’t rot, warp or crack. There is no repainting or annual staining with a maintenance free vinyl French door. Damage to the door from moisture is not a concern. Also, drafts are eliminated and noise from outside is reduced.


Most vinyl French doors come with a three point locking system. The system usually includes a deadbolt, and flush bolts at the top and bottom of the door.

Hardware and Swing

Vinyl French doors have adjustable hinges and lever door handles. The door handles can come in white, antique brass, nickel, or rustic umber. You can have the door with an in-swing or out-swing.

Glass Panels

The glass panel found in vinyl French doors is tempered, low E glass. You can have clear glass for transparency or frosted glass for privacy.

Grills and Mini Blinds

Vinyl French doors can come with grills to give the door a historical divided light appearance. Grills on the outside of the glass panel are available in different bar widths and profiles. For example, you can choose a flat or sculptured bar with 1 inch squares.

Cleaning the glass panel is easy with the grill built inside the glass, or you can purchase a door with internal mini blinds.

Energy Savings

Vinyl French doors are energy efficient due to the combination of insulated glass and the weather proof material. Door frames are fusion welded for durability and to ensure a tight seal keeping out unwanted air and water.


Some manufacturers offer vinyl French doors with a polyurethane coating. Standard colors for a vinyl French door are white and tan. However, an array of other color options can be found such as Timberwolf, Pumpkin Spice or Bay Leaf.