Advantages to a Stucco Ceiling

If you are planning finish a basement, remodel a room or add a room to your home, you will find several advantages to ceiling stucco over the more conventional taping and painting. If you are considering stucco as an option, here are a few advantages you may want to keep in mind.


One of the advantages of a stucco ceiling is in its installation. Rather than having to use step ladders or paint brush roller extensions to reach the ceiling to paint it, you can easily apply stucco to the ceiling by using a specially designed sprayer that does not have to be in a position near the ceiling. You can do it from the floor beneath the ceiling you wish to cover. Just fill the sprayer hopper with mixed stucco, then point and spray.

Sanding and Painting

Unlike painting your ceiling and having to tape and sand, applying stucco offers the advantage of not having to sand after you've taped joints in the drywall. Your stucco will cover edges of the tape when it is sprayed onto the ceiling. Cleanup is also easier.

Acoustical Benefits

A third advantage to spraying stucco on your ceiling is that the stucco acts as a sound insulant. Once installed, it absorbs some sound that would otherwise be louder.