Having A Panel Room Divider

rice paper panels
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Panel room dividers serve a dual purpose when added to a home's interior. They are a practical addition along with adding to the decorative appeal of your home.

The most widespread use of a panel room divider is for dividing interior space into smaller, individual sections.

It can also be used for hiding awkward corners of the house or highly-cluttered sections. Smaller wooden dividers are often added for the purpose of embellishing the room and creating some extra storage space.

Panel dividers can be of varying types. The conventional folding screen panel divider is very easy to maneuver, being quickly foldable.

The traditional, slightly heavy, panel dividers are single screen and are used primarily for dividing bigger rooms into individual spaces.

They can be used for hanging curtain panels too. Panel room dividers can also be combined with shelves to be used for storing household items.

Common types of panel room dividers include:

Fabric Room Divider—The simplest of panel dividers that has a sheet of fabric stretched within the wooden frame. The use of fabric is recommended because it can be easily replaced to match it with the interior décor.

Oriental themed room

Bamboo Room Divider—If you have wooden floors or a heavy use of wooden elements within the house, then bamboo panel room dividers are the recommended choice.

They complement any kind of wood-heavy décor and bamboo is very durable. Bamboo dividers are used in the form of a divider flush, placed against the wall to create some space for placing furniture items like a chair.