Aesthetically Pleasant Sustainable Roof Architecture

When designing your home's roof, you may be interested in using sustainable architecture and design to make your home greener. By making this lifestyle decision, you can impact your environment and make a big difference in your overall quality of life.

Sustainable Roof Architecture & Heating

One way to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional sustainable roof for your home is to use solar heating. Creating a home that is passively heated by the sun can be just the step you need to green up your home and add value to the building process. A passive solar designed roof will act as a kind of "heat battery," providing heat during the daylight hours, as well as storing it in its surrounding thermal mass for continued heating after the sun goes down. This type of green roof design requires integration with the entire building of a home to ensure that it functions correctly. Walls must be insulated from the outside to retain heat and the proper materials must be used to prevent an energy bleed.

Sustainable Roof Product Sourcing

Another way to build a sustainable roof on your home is to source materials for your roof locally. By using local materials, they will undoubtedly provide more of a natural "feel" to the design and style of the house because they fit with the local settings and style. They do not use nearly as much fossil fuels for their transport and in most cases will be processed less than those shipped across the country.

Using natural products in your roof construction is another way to make it sustainable. By selecting natural products can be a great way to minimize your carbon footprint and prevent pollution associated with the manufacturing of roofing materials. Natural materials are also better for your health than those that are manufactured and are less likely to cause any adverse reactions. Using natural, local materials you can create a sustainable roof that looks great and blends nicely with the local style and architecture.

Sustainable Roofing and Longevity

One element that is important when dealing with sustainable roofing and building in general is how long the home will be around. In today's society, many things including houses are viewed as throw-away objects that are easily replaced with new ones. However, if you are building a sustainable home, you want to be sure that you are building something that will last and prevent you from having to repair it within several years of its building. Building a sustainable roof requires using quality building supplies coupled with experienced construction knowledge so that you avoid shoddy construction and degraded structures. Be sure to account for moisture when building your sustainable roof, though look for ways to prevent it as best you can to prevent mold, rotting and overall need for early replacement.

A sustainable roof can be just as durable and aesthetically pleasing as any other roofing system. By using natural and locally sourced products to create a roof, you are reducing your home's carbon footprint and helping prevent pollution. Consider adding some solar heating elements to your roof for even more value and enjoy your home's cutting edge sustainable roof.