Aftermarket Goodies for Your Car

The driving experience in America today is as individualized and personal as owning a new home. What is a new home without fine furniture, or a garden without profuse blooms? The same goes for automobiles. Each car is as individualized as the owner wants it to be. It reflects their personality, and their taste for fine accouterments. This article explores the many options available.

When buying a new vehicle, you can customize it highly through manufacturer options to make it personalized and giving the vehicle that special touch. Such things as powerful sound systems, towing packages, seating options, and custom spoilers and dams are available. Today, though, with the average new car running about $20,000, many people buy the vehicle with no options and add these things as they go along, considering both budget and wants and needs.

Here is a short list of some after market things available today.

  • Air dams and spoilers
  • Custom seats
  • Custom wheels
  • Engine accessories
  • GPS navigational systems
  • Lighting packages
  • Neon trim lighting
  • Radar Detectors
  • Remote engine starting systems
  • Special Instrumentation
  • Stereo systems
  • Satellite radio systems
  • Striping and/or decals
  • Sun roofs
  • Wheels & tires
  • Window tinting

Many things available today enhance the driving experience. If you drive a lot of miles related to work, and need to go to unknown destinations, then such things as a GPS navigational system is right for you. They can be purchased for a very good price, and are accurate to within feet of your destination.

If you drive long hours, then a sound system that meets your needs is a must. So many different systems are available today that even the most discerning audiophile can be satisfied. Satellite radio systems offer you the opportunity to enjoy ad free stations, and the variety of choices available is very long. Imagine 170 channels of music, news, and sports. The popular iPod, manufactured by Apple, is a good way to add your own mix to your listening environment. Today adapters are available that plug into your car stereo system. Although they require a stereo system that has a CD changer controls built in, the adapter will display your iPod information on the radio's display.

Many drivers want their vehicles to make a statement to the driving community. Such things as air dams and spoilers are available, and after market manufacturers have design packages to meet even the most discriminate need. Car accessory dealers are prominent on both the internet and locally. Window decals, pinstriping, and color combinations are readily available. Tinted windows are a great accessory, but you should check with your local law enforcement agency to determine the legality.

For your driving comfort, many after market manufacturers offer seating options, back massagers, and lumbar support. Custom seat covers come in a great variety of colors and textures. Not only do these covers individualize your ride, but protect the original seat covering, increasing resale value.

Wheels are manufactured today that meet even the pickiest person's standards. The after market availability is tremendous. Special tire packages are available at many tire outlets, along with many types of custom wheels.

Trick things such as neon lighting is available as an after market option. Many street racers have these units installed. The neon lighting is attached to the underside of the vehicle, and will change color using special controls. It is very sharp.

Many engine and performance options are available in the after market. Everything from superchargers to potent exhaust systems and nitrous oxide systems (NOS) can be had, and today, with engines being smaller than in bygone years, a little added punch can mean a real increase in both power and fuel efficiency. Going to the local hangout for street racers with a supercharger or NOS system on your Honda Civic can do much for your ego.

The light utility pickup also has many options available. Such things as after market tonneau covers make these pickups look sleeker and there is the opinion that it helps increase gas mileage. Running boards and chrome step bars are readily available today. These enhance safety, and look sharp, too.

There are lift packages available for the light pickup. Many custom tire packages are available, also.

Light packages include fog lights and light bars that mount on top of the vehicle's cab, allowing for higher visibility during off road driving at night. Roll bar packages are very popular with the light pickup crowd.

The variety of accessories for your vehicle is tremendous. You can go so many different ways with this - from a street racer, to a custom look and sound system, to a vehicle with increased mileage and driving comfort. Look into the after market for car accessories today. Your ego and your pocketbook will thank you.