Air-Filter Regulator

Air filter regulators come in various sizes and shapes from the simple mechanical type used by auto mechanics and body shop technicians, to the sophisticated computer controlled, sensitive air filter/dryer/cooling regulator systems that are used on expensive, larger industrial machines.

How air-filter regulators work

The main purpose of an air-filter regulator is to take moisture out of the air that runs through a hose line on air compressors. Simply put, they regulate the filters that are attached to air compressors.

For example, when you fill up your tires with air, each tire holds a certain amount of air pounds per square inch (PSI). The air-filter regulator gauges the amount of air so that the tires will receive the correct amount.

Air-filter regulators function as a two stage process. The filtration part functions through different media types like wire-mesh strainers that will catch large particles. The regulator portion of the apparatus has an installed gauge designed to regulate the amount of material (air, water or paint) that is emitted from the compressor.

Uses of air-filter regulators

Air-filter regulators are used on air compressors for regulating the amount of paint that is emitted from industrial paint guns. They are also used in dental offices and hospitals and on construction sites for jack hammers. Mechanics use them for raising lifts and on impact guns for changing tires and air-filter regulators are used in the industrial sector’s manufacturing process.