All About Bath Rugs

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There are several key benefits to having bath rugs. They are: moisture absorption, slip proofing, and aesthetic appeal.

Absorbing Moisture

Bath rugs serve several essential purposes to any bathroom design, whether it is carpeted, tiled, or hardwood. That’s because as long as there is any traffic in a bathroom, which usually consists of going in and out of a bath or shower, then it is always going to be safer for the longevity of your bathroom floor to add a bath rug to absorb some of the moisture.

No Slipping

Bath rugs also serve a safety purpose, especially in bathrooms that have slippery floor surfaces like wood or tile. These surfaces can be extremely slick when wet. To combat the obvious dangers of slipping, especially when exiting the shower, a bathroom rug works wonders.


Choosing a bathroom rug that’s right for your bathroom can be a great way to complement the design. Bathroom rugs come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They can be purchased at nearly any home goods store.