All about Bolt Shear

Bolts shear can be difficult to understand if you have never worked with it before. Here is a little information to help guide you through your next project.

What it is

Bolt shear is a piece of metal alloy. Bolt shear is basically made so that it will break if there is too much force on the object or tool that it is protecting. They can not be replaced by regular bolts in any situation or they will lose their purpose.

When They are Used

Basically they are used on tools. For example, a bolt shear is attached to a few places in snow throwers. They are installed on the shaft so that if the device were to experience too much pressure or force, the thrower would stop working. This happens when they become jammed as well which will stop the whole device from getting caught and then becoming damaged.

Why Use Bolt Shear

The main reason for using bolt shear is to protect your tools. When the bolt shear stops the mechanism from working, it isn't breaking it completely. It is actually doing you the favor of stopping so that more damage isn't done to the tool or device or even yourself.

How to Replace

The bolt shear is easy to replace once it has been used. After you get the part of the device that is broken, fixed, or you have removed the object that caused the jam, you can take the bolt shear out. Use pliers to remove each one of the broken pieces from the area. Then, purchase new bolt shears that fit into the area. Just screw them back in and tighten them to secure. Depending on the severity of the pressure put on the bolt, it may be harder to take out. Some will stay intact and stop the machine while others will completely shear.

After a hard impact, you want to check your bolt shear and replace it even if it seems to be okay. There may be small damage done that you cannot see and you will want to replace with another bolt just in case so that the next time you will have no problems with the bolt shear stopping the impact on the device.

Where to Find Them

You can find bolt shear at several hardware stores. You can also purchase on line if you know what size you need. Purchasing several at a time can help you when you find you need to replace one that has broken inside of a device.

You will want to keep in mind that the bolt shears do help to protect many devices a great deal. They do not, however, protect them completely. You do not want to rely on just the bolt shear to protect your tool from force. you will want to make sure that you are aware of your surroundings as well as how much your device can handle so that you do not cause a jam.