All about Glass Garage Doors

Among contemporary garage design trends, glass garage doors have become hugely popular. Glass garage doors are also called full-view or full-vision doors. These doors were first seen among commercial garages. Use of glass in commercial garage doors makes it easier to keep an eye on valuable goods stored inside the garage. Further, the increased entry of sunlight helps to cut down upon consumption of electricity for lighting purposes. Now, the same concepts have been used to promote glass doors for household garages since energy savings is a big incentive for homeowners, too. Further, glass garage doors have a more modern aesthetic appeal than wooden or metal-frame garage doors. They are now regarded as an integral part of fashionably progressive homes.

Glass Garage Door Frame

Please understand that the use of glass does not compromise the durability associated with a garage door. The frame of a glass garage door is usually made of aluminium. The most common type of aluminium used for this purpose is anodized aluminium since it does not corrode easily. It is best suited for garages that are exposed to weather conditions with extreme variations. These aluminium frames have a high tensile strength and offer years of low-maintenance use. Further, the frame can be painted or stained to suit your home’s landscaping. It is critical to enquire about the kind of metal that is being used to make the door’s frame because often, dubious retailers pass-on doors made from "aluminium-like alloys". These are essentially fragile versions of garage doorframes prepared from cheaply-procured metals that are given an aluminium-like finish. You should also establish if painting/finishing the garage door in the chosen shade is a part of the standard charges.

Understanding Glass Choices

Increased entry of sunlight through glass doors is an oft-advertised feature of glass garage doors, but it isn't compulsory—you can alter the amount of sunlight penetration. Ask the retailer about the options in glass types on offer. If increasing the visibility is not a primary concern, you can opt for frosted or tinted glass that adds to the door’s overall appeal as a decorative addition to the external landscape. Garage doors using clear glass are usually the most affordable. Other trendy but slightly expensive glass panel options include reeded and hammered glass. Another upcoming, styling is using glazed glass.

Glass Garage Door Customization

If you are looking at designing your garage door beyond the norm of painting its outer surface, glass garage doors present innumerable options. There are many possibilities in terms of altering the aluminium panel used to make the door’s skeleton. You can order panels that have been crafted into particular shapes. The panels can be further customized in terms of using designer door openers. You can choose a door-opening system that uses concealed auxiliary struts or stiffening struts. These concealed door-opening systems are slightly expensive but are progressive from a styling perspective. Other choices include choosing the shape of the security bars and the size/layout of the weather stripping. These are integral components of every glass garage door but their appearance can be modified according to your designing demands. The visibility of the cladding along the header and the door’s perimeter jambs can be reduced. Decreasing their visibility makes the door appear more stylish but it does add to the overall cost.