Korean and Japanese Dogwoods

flowering Korean or Japanese dogwood blossoms in the sun

The Korean Dogwood (Cornus kousa), which is also recognized by landscapers and arborists as the Japanese Flowering Dogwood, is a species of Dogwood tree or shrub which displays beautiful flowers and provides excellent fall foliage. These stuffing displays are making the trees increasingly popular replacements to the North American Cornus florida. With its soft petal flowers, the raspberry-like red fruits and deep red fall leaves, it's a favorite of landscapers and arborists.

Not only is the Korean Dogwood a beautiful tree, there are several benefits to using the Korean Dogwood in your landscaping. First, its a very hardy disease-resistent tree, much more so than the White Dogwood and because of this is often chosen in landscapes over the White Dogwood.

In addition to its disease resistance, the Korean Dogwood does not require a lot of water. This makes it an excellent candidate for areas where watering outdoors is restricted, yet you still would like a colorful landscape. Finally, the Korean Dogwood grows well in many soil types, making it a great choice for a variety of growing climates.

korean or japanese dogwood blossoms in the sun

The Korean Dogwood is a very versatile tree allowing it to be found in many different areas in landscaping. When planted, the Korean Dogwood, because of its small stature is perfect near patios and decks, creating some shade and a beautiful backdrop. It can also be planted with several Korean Dogwood trees to create a beautiful grove setting.

The Korean Dogwood is also often found as decoration around a building as landscape covering or ground cover in the bush form of the Korean Dogwood. Keep in mind that the tree variety of the Korean Dogwood can grow between 20 to 30 feet, so it should be planted in areas where this height can be accommodated.

a korean or japanese dogwood tree covered in blossoms on a sunny day

The Korean Dogwood does not require a lot of maintenance, which makes it an easy landscaping choice. The Korean Dogwood does need moderate sun for proper growth, but will grow fine without complete sun. In its natural setting, the Korean Dogwood is often found as an understory tree and, therefore, for best results, should be planted along with other larger trees; to provide the proper shade.

However, while the Korean Dogwood will thrive best under this condition it can be grown in other landscape settings, so long as it receives the proper amount of sun as it is likely to suffer in a location with excessive sun and dry conditions and will fail to flower when too much shade is given.

The Korean Dogwood grows best in soils rich in organic matter which is moist and fertile. However, the Korean Dogwood is a hearty tree that can prosper in many soil conditions. The one condition that is necessary for its survival is the soil in which the Korean Dogwood is planted must drain well. It grows best in acidic soils, yet displays a reasonable acceptance for salt and alkali soils.