All About Spray Vinyl Siding

Spraying vinyl siding is worth the time and effort it takes to apply it to your home. The key to a lasting makeover, fresh look and happy vibe of the house is to look for quality paint and clean surface to paint on. And, fortunately, it won't cost you fortune. Doing so will definitely change the look of your house. 

Things to Remember About Spray Vinyl Siding

Vinyl contracts and expands depending on the temperature. Sunlight expands the vinyl and darkness contracts it. Traditional paints cannot really adhere to the surface because of the constant movement.  Good quality paints are available.

The second is clean surface. You got to clean up the surface with soap and elbow grease. Or with sponges you can really clean even the tough stains. And, by running your hand over the surface, you will come to know if the surface is chalky. Due to aging or oxidation the surface breaks down. This is called chalking. Power washing it thoroughly will solve the problem. However, take care that the water doesn't remain behind the siding as it can mess up your paint job.

Selecting the Paint and the Color

According to Tim Carter Of, the paints that have a bland of urethane and acrylic resins work best with the vinyl. Only quality will adhere well, last longer, save your house from peeling. Just don’t go for traditional paints.

Soft, muted colors work best on the vinyl. Dark colors absorb more sunlight which, in turn, makes vinyl buckle and wrap. After having lived in house for many years, you might have grown weary of the color. The vinyl might have been faded. Finding the exact color that suits your style and personality is easy. Lots of varieties of color and color schemes are available. For houses with brick porch and brick steps, vinyl siding with red brick color is available. Now that technology is so improved that vinyl lovers are spoilt for choices. The great thing about it is that as the spray dries; the particles come closer, forming a smooth vinyl covering all around the surface of the house.

Applying the Paint

First up, don’t try painting in sunlight. You sweat, so does the vinyl. Paint doesn’t stick to the surface well. Spraying with an airless sprayer is the way. Or use brush, and run it down lengthwise. By applying a second coat of painting, you ensure the paint adhere to surface really well. The second coat makes it more durable.

Expert Opinion 

The effect of Vinyl siding sparing is always long term. You won’t be changing the paint every now and then. So seeking an expert opinion on this is always advisable. Houses and buildings have to withstand extreme weather conditions, and yet should not lose their aesthetic. It’s here spraying vinyl sidings scores because it lasts longer.