All Vinyl Windows vs Vinyl Clad Windows

Vinyl clad windows are a great idea if you’re looking for low maintenance windows that will look great for years to come. There are benefits and drawbacks to both all vinyl and vinyl clad windows. Choosing the right type for your home depends on a number of factors, such as climate and budget.

All Vinyl Windows

All-vinyl windows are ideal for homes located in harsher climates that are subjected to warm and/or cold temperature fluctuations. A window featuring all vinyl construction will experience less warping and bending than a window manufactured out of wood. Their flexibility allows these windows to be manufactured to fit just about any type of opening.

Vinyl Clad Windows

Vinyl clad windows are constructed of wood with a vinyl cladding that provides the finish and helps protect against the elements. These windows are similar to all-vinyl windows in their look and design but are more durable in the long run. Vinyl clad windows are also much more energy efficient than traditional windows, which can help save you money on your utility bills. They’re also easier to install than other windows, which will result in low labor costs.