Alternative Uses for a Copper Bird Bath

Finding alternative uses for your copper bird bath is not as difficult a task as it may seem. In fact, many home gardeners and landscapers are moving to more non-traditional uses for traditional items such as copper bird baths. Depending on where you live you may be faced with severe dry weather, wet weather, or other environmental factors that make the standard issue copper bird bath undesirable. However, with just a few alterations and imagination you can find an alternative use for that copper bird bath that will benefit you and your home garden visions.

Bird Feeder

A popular alternative use for a copper bird bath is to make it into a bird feeder. This alternative takes no alteration and still uses the copper bird bath in a beneficial way.

Water Garden

Another alternative use for a copper bird bath is as a small water garden. There are many plants that grow in shallow water environments and the copper bird bath would be perfect for that alternative use.


Finally, you can use the copper bird bath as a planter. Drill small holes in the bottom of the copper bird bath for drainage, fill with soil, and plant the desired plant.

Finding an alternative use for your copper bird bath is limited only by your imagination.