Alternatives to a Wood Mantel Shelf

A wood mantel shelf enhances the beauty of your home. It provides a central place where friends and family can meet for the evening. The style you choose will depend on the décor of your house. There are a number of non-wood alternatives, which include:

Stone Fireplace Mantle

This style is a natural complement to any fireplace. It fits well in any setting you may provide. The stone fireplace is perfect for holiday decorations and other items of value such as family pictures, statuettes, carvings, books and electronic speakers. It will accentuate the style and mood of your room and blends perfectly with a stone fireplace.

Marble Fireplace Mantel

It presents a picture of strength and durability. It provides a beautiful setting for a stone fireplace. The marble mantel is likely to last for a very long time. The probability of engaging in repairs is minimal. It is a worthy investment and adds value to your home.

Concrete Fireplace Mantel

A concrete mantel is a beautiful addition to your home. It is durable and lasts a lifetime without any risk of damage. Installation is quite simple. There are many styles and options to choose from depending on your home décor. It is perfect for showcasing books and pictures.