Alternatives to Deck Awnings

Are you tired of watching your deck area encompassed with deck awnings? It is probably time to consider alternatives to the deck awnings. A covered deck will allow you to relax comfortably, irrespective of the weather conditions.

If you want a temporary structure for your deck space, you can select structures like a pergola or gazebo. You can also include a freestanding umbrella or a sunbrella patio inside your deck area. These temporary structures offer benefits like shade protection and extend the living area. Below are some of the alternatives that you can use instead of deck awnings.

Deck roofs

Deck roofs are installed to enhance the appearance of the decks. They also increase the property value of the house. You can install deck roofs on your own. Deck roofs are available in different varieties like Aluminum pan roofs, translucent roofs and wooden roofs.

Aluminum Pan Roofs

You can opt for aluminum roofs, because of their durable nature. They last longer time compared to other types of roof materials. These roofs prevent the onset of moisture and can resist a strong physical impact. Aluminum pan roofs offer protection from all forms of precipitation. However, regular maintenance is required to increase the shelf life of these roofs.

Translucent Roofs

Translucent roofs are made up of a tough translucent fiberglass material. They block precipitation from the covered area of the deck. These roofs allow you to enjoy the sunlight without attracting too much heat. The fiberglass material is available in a wide range of colors and styles.

Wooden Roofs

Wooden roofs are generally flat in structure. You can select sloped roofs as they prevent the accumulation of water. Wooden roofs are fairly easy to install. However, they tend to get damaged due to moisture.  


You can also use a gazebo to provide shelter to your deck. Gazebos are free-standing structures which are also used in parks, gardens and public areas. Gazebos are popular in warm climates as they provide optimum protection against sunlight.


Pergola is a type of a gazebo and is an integral part of a garden set up. Pergolas are constructed with the support of beams to form a shaded passageway. Pergolas are usually used as free standing structures. Contemporary pergolas are designed from wood as it is very affordable. Use red cedar wood for your pergola structure. Red cedar wood is durable in nature and is also weather resistant.

Freestanding Umbrella or Sunbrella Patio

You can incorporate a garden umbrella or a sunbrella in your deck area. A freestanding umbrella is quite inexpensive. It is an effective way to control sunlight. Such umbrellas can be also folded and stored when not in use. Sunbrellas are available in different colors and styles. You can select a pleasant color that complements your deck area.