Alternatives to Felt Roof Underlayment

For the past few decades the number one choice when selecting a roof underlayment was felt paper or asphalt paper. These products worked very well, but they would tear easily and were difficult to walk on. However, there are new products that are becoming increasingly available that eliminate these drawbacks while still providing an excellent first barrier in just about any roofing system.

Synthetic Roof Underlayment

One of the fastest growing trends in the roofing industry is the use of a synthetic roof underlayment under a number of different roofing systems. A variety of different types of manufacturers have developed proprietary polymer blends that make up synthetic underlayment. These products are much more tear resistant than felt underlayment. Plus, they’re easier to walk on which is a plus when it comes to worker safety.

Self-Adhering Underlayment

This type of roof underlayment is predominantly used in cold weather climates as an ice and water barrier. Its additional thickness and granular surface make it much more resistant to these harsher conditions. Usually self-adhering roof underlayment is installed along the outer edge of the eave of the roof but if the conditions warrant it will often be used over the entire roof. It’s also incredibly easy to install thanks to the self adhering backing.