Alternatives to Felt Weatherstripping Your Doors

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When weatherstripping doors the most common material that is used for this job is felt. While felt has been used in this application for many years, there are some alternatives. Here are some of the available alternatives to felt weatherstripping.

Vinyl Seal

Vinyl is another material that is often used for weatherstripping purposes. This is sometimes referred to as a tension seal. This can be a good option to go with, but it is not the easiest method to install. You have to be careful with the corners of the door and make sure that they are sealed properly.

Magnetic Seal

The magnetic seal is one of the easiest types of weatherstripping to install. This works in much the same way a magnetic refrigerator gasket would.

Reinforced Foam

Another option that you have for weatherstripping is reinforced foam. This can be a very effective seal if installed correctly. When you install this type of weatherstripping, you have to use a saw to cut it. You then nail it into place and you may have to paint it as well.


Weatherstripping tape's one of the easiest weatherstripping materials to install. You just apply it to the door frame as you would with a regular roll of tape. This is also one of the least expensive methods available.