Alternatives to Toilet Wax Ring

As important as a toilet wax ring is to keep a toilet from leaking, there are alternative ways of sealing a toilet. Refer to the information below to learn about toilet sealing and your options.

Principles of Toilet Sealing

Water that drains from a toilet and into the drain pipe would leak out through the bottom of the toilet between the trap and the base of the toilet bowl if there was no seal there to stop this leaking. This is the purpose of the wax ring that the base of the toilet rests on when it's attached to the floor. The weight of the toilet makes an impression in the wax that conforms to the surface of the toilet base, thus creating a seal.

Waxless Toilet Seal

The wax-free toilet seal works by the same principle as the toilet wax ring. It creates a seal between toilet base and the trap. The difference is that the waxless seal is a rubber gasket. As most gaskets work, the rubber toilet gasket is soft enough to conform to the toilet base surface, just as the wax ring does. In addition, it uses an adhesive that glues the gasket to the toilet base for a secure and permanent seal.