Aluminum Awning Window Maintenance

An aluminum awning window is a conservative window style that is both practical and fashionable. Awnings help to conserve the heat within a home's interior and also adds to the aesthetics of a home. Read on to learn the basics of maintaining window awnings. 

Aluminum Awning Window Washing Basics

Do not wash aluminum awnings with regular soap solutions since these can induce corrosion. Special solvents retailed at hardware stores are recommended for this purpose. Always dilute the solvent according to packaged instructions.

Removing Grime

To get rid of the grime, use special brushes. Even if you plan to use a household brush, just ensure that the bristles are soft. This ensures that you won't scratch the awning’s surface. Once you have scrubbed off the grime, clean the surface with a wet sponge.

Drying Awnings

Proper window maintenance involves is drying the awnings. Ensure that you remove any kind of solvent residue before leaving the awnings to dry. If you don't, remaining product might cause oxidation of the aluminum awnings, creating hard-to-remove stains.

Awning Maintenance Options

If the awnings still seem weathered, you can rent a steam cleaner. Besides cleaning the awnings, this machinery is ideally suited for removing typically sticky contaminants like mildew. An important aspect of aluminum awning maintenance is sprucing them with coat of fresh paint. This increases the durability of the awnings by negating moisture seepage and also improves their overall appearance.