Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Maintenance Tips

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  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
Soap and water
All-purpose cleaner
Steel wool
Lemon juice
Soft cloth
Auto wax

Outdoor aluminum furniture such as aluminum chairs and tables are common in patio decks and gardens because they are durable, rust-free, and lightweight. Outdoor aluminum furniture are made of three types of aluminum – the Tubular Aluminum, Wrought Aluminum, and Cast Aluminum.

Tubular aluminum is lightweight, wrought aluminum is elegant, and cast aluminum is durable. Maintaining your outdoor aluminum furniture is easy since they are rust-free and can withstand variable weather conditions . However, outdoor aluminum furniture is vulnerable to staining as time goes by. Below are the materials that you need along with the procedure on how to maintain your aluminum outdoor furniture.

Step 1 - Remove and Clean the Cushions

Remove the cushions and wash them down with water while scrubbing away dirt such as soil and stain. For hard stains, use a mixture of soap and water and wipe away with a sponge. Hand wash the cushions as most outdoor cushions are not meant for washing machines. Leave the cushions to dry in the sun.

Step 2 - Clean the Aluminum Components

Using an all-purpose cleaner, spray and wipe the aluminum components using a sponge or a soft cloth until all the dirt is gone. Hose down with water and dry. Use an all-purpose cleaner that is water-based and bleach-free to avoid discoloration of your aluminum furniture.

Step 3 - Buff it Down

With a non-abrasive cleaner, buff down the aluminum furniture to remove the scuff marks. Distribute the non-abrasive cleaner evenly on the aluminum furniture by wiping in a circular motion using a soft cloth. Again, hose down with water and dry.

Step 4 - Polish

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For outdoor wrought aluminum furniture, apply a mixture of soap dish and water with a little lime juice and use a steel wool to clean the rough edges and remove the dirt stuck on the sidings. After cleaning with a steel wool, thoroughly wash your aluminum furniture down with water to remove steel wool residues that can cause rusting and staining.

Step 5 - Wax

To protect your outdoor aluminum further from outside elements such as the extreme heat of the midday sun and to avoid pitting and corrosion, apply a thin coating of auto wax to your aluminum furniture. Allow your newly-cleaned outdoor aluminum furniture to dry in the sun for at least two hours before using.

You can use touch-up paint to restore the blemishes on your outdoor aluminum furniture. Make sure to match the color of your touch-up paint with your aluminum furniture to have an even and seamless coating.

Never use commercial cleaners if your outdoor furniture is made of anodized aluminum, as commercial cleaners contain industrial chemicals that can damage anodized aluminum. Use diluted dish soap instead.

Although an outdoor aluminum furniture can withstand the searing heat of the sun and torrential downpours, it is best to place your outdoor aluminum furniture in shaded or partially shaded areas to extend the lifespan of the non-aluminum components of your outdoor furniture such as the cushions and other accessories.