Aluminum Screen Door Repair: A Guide

gloved hands fixing screen door with tools

Screen door repair needn't be costly or complicated. Instead of hiring a professional to do the job, follow the steps below to learn how to complete the most common screen door repairs.

Alignment of the Screen Door Frame

If you notice that your screen door does not fit perfectly into its frame, there may be a problem with its alignment. Often, alignment problems can be detected by searching for unwanted spaces between the door and the frame. A well-aligned door should be flushed and does not show noticeable signs of wide gaps or spaces between it and the frame. If spaces are noticeable, you will have to make slight adjustments. In these cases, the first thing you need to do is to check the angle and length of the door.

A well-fitted door is normally perpendicular to the floor. If the angle is indeed the problem, you may have to make trims on your door and correct the way it's been angled. If the problem lies in the lack of length, you can use screws to add length to the door. The screws should be added both on the lower and upper edges of your screen door. Call a professional if you feel the task of aligning a screen door frame is beyond your capacity. Do not try to make repairs by yourself if the problem is too much for you to handle. You may just incur more damage to your screen door in the process.

hand fixing screen with roller tool

Rips, Tears, and Holes in the Screen

The screen mesh of screen doors is sometimes susceptible to rips and tears, resulting in the appearance of small holes in the door. Fortunately, these problems can be patched up easily. You just need to get hold of a patch screen, interweave its wires into the existing screen mesh of the door and then apply a small amount of contact cement on the patched area.

In some instances, however, the tears may be such that they create a big hole on the screen. Bigger holes are harder to mend and the best possible way to repair them is to replace the screen mesh. This may take longer than just patching up a small tear but definitely doable by an ordinary DIY individual. Here are some ways to repair screens with big holes.

hands fixing screen door

Remove the entire screen door and lay it flat on leveled flooring.

Remove the screen mesh. You may need a utility knife to do this.

Take measurements on the area where the new screen is supposed to be fitted.

Get a screen replacement and cut according to the measurements you have taken, adding an allowance of at least one inch to both the measured length and the width.

Fit the new screen into the frame with the help of a spline tool. You need to force the new screen into the slots located on the edges of the frame, pressing the spline materials strategically on each slot to put them into place.

Once the new screen mesh has been put snugly into place, you can then reinstall your aluminum screen door. Make sure that all hinges and all hinge retaining screws are tightened when reinstalling the door.