Aluminum Storm Door Maintenance

A storm door.

An aluminum storm door requires very little maintenance to get many years of service from it, and most of the upkeep involves little effort. Outside of painting and scraping any rust and the like from the surfaces and resealing it, there are mechanical aspects to the door you will want to keep up on to have it operating properly and without failure. Outside of keeping the outer coat of the door free of rust, rot, or grime, there are a few other things you want to check on a yearly basis.

Weather Stripping Maintenance

Outside of mechanical upkeep, you also want to ensure that all rust or rot is cleaned and sealed on the aluminum storm door to prevent replacement during seasonal maintenance. Once a door structure starts to deteriorate, it should be replaced. Nonetheless, metal and wood door structures can be repaired quite easily. You want to check all the weather stripping around the door and replace it if the felt is worn down or hardened. When the weather stripping is in a bad condition, air can be lost from around the edges of the door, causing energy loss. This can affect your utility bills in both the summer and winter from hot or cold air loss into the home, or the environment.

Your aluminum storm door should also have a rubber weather strip along the bottom edge of the door to keep air and water out of doorway. If this rubber is cracked or worn, you will want to make sure this is also replaced, as insects can use this as a means to get into your home, as can the weather. These can be found at any home supply store, and you may have to get the specific type of weather stripping for your door. You can remove the old one and take it with you to the store to find the correct match.

Regular Servicing

There are several things you want to check outside of the weather stripping when servicing your aluminum storm door. You will want to check your air safety chain for deterioration, as well as lubing your door closer. You can use fine grade oil or even bike chain oil to lubricate the door and prevent rust and buildup by applying it to the slide bar or shaft. Open and close the door several times.

Check your aluminum storm door safety chain and its connections to ensure they are not pulling out of the door or the wall. If they are coming loose, be sure to mount new securing hooks for the chain to prevent the wind from grabbing the door and ripping it off the hinges. The safety chain prevents the door from flying open too far and ruining the hinges, as the closer uses air pressure to pull the door shut when you let go of it. The closer should pull the door completely shut on its own. If it does not close all the way as it should, you can adjust it with the screw on its side.