Aluminum Storm Windows

Lead Image for Aluminum Storm Windows

Aluminum storm windows are a low-cost, energy-efficient choice for homeowners. The energy lost through windows is cut by 50% with aluminum storm windows. Aluminum storm windows work by limiting the amount of air that escapes or enters a structure during the winter and summer thus reducing heating and cooling bills.

Why is aluminum used for storm windows?

Aluminum is a light, rigid material that is perfect for holding the glass in place while also making the weight of the panel manageable. Also, it is easy to manufacture aluminum in different shapes and sizes.

Aluminum storm windows are weather resistant making them virtually maintenance-free. With aluminum, there is no warping or rotting and painting is not necessary.

An aluminum storm window adds security by creating an additional barrier to existing windows. Since aluminum storm windows are very tightly fitted it is hard to pry them open.

Advantages of aluminum storm windows

• Energy savings.
• Affordable.
• Easy to clean.
• Durability.
• Ultra Violet (UV) protection.
• Reduces sun glare.
• Increased security.

Aluminum storm window condensation

One disadvantage to using aluminum storm windows is that they conduct both hot and cold temperatures. Frost can easily form at the aluminum joints on the inside of the storm windows.