Aluminum Wrapped Window Wrap Maintenance Tips

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Window wrapping is the art of manipulating aluminum so that it fits around windows and doors, and aluminum window wrap is available in many different styles and colors, all of which can be used to fit around the house. If you have this excellent product, then you may be reluctant to touch it at all, but from time to time you will need to perform a little bit of maintenance from time to time in order to keep it in the best condition that you can. Maintaining your window wrap is not difficult, but it does take time and knowledge to understand why you need to do these things.

Keep the Window Wrap Clean

The most important thing that you can do is to keep your window wrap clean. Regularly washing with soap and water can help to prevent dirt and debris from making the wrap look dirty, and can also help you to avoid corrosion of the aluminum. Clean it using liquid hand soap and a sponge, but take care to wipe it down thoroughly afterward with a sponge. You should also take the opportunity to remove any dust which has gathered on the top of the product. Brush off any parts that you can't reach using a broom.

Clear out Weeds and Plants

Weeds growing around wrap can be a big problem if you have not removed the dirt thoroughly. The problem is that weeds or plants can actually damage the wrap by pushing it away from the wall it is meant to be wrapped around. This can make it look extremely unattractive, and deformed. Plants such as ivy and vines can also penetrate beneath the thick aluminum wrap, and they can also penetrate the shell so that you will have green shoots sticking out from the middle of your wrap.

Avoid Corrosion

Water damage and corrosion are two of the biggest reasons why aluminum is not a popular metal for window wraps. Bare aluminum looks fantastic when it is first made, but it will soon tarnish. You can protect your wrap with a layer of varnish, which will reduce the risk of the metal becoming stained or corroded, although it can also make it look peculiar from a distance.

Maintain Paint or Caulking

As well as maintaining the metal itself, you should also take care to ensure that any metal paint, or the caulking around the edge, is also not damaged by weather and time. Any paint which is peeling should be stripped off, and you should then replace it with more paint, either of the same color or of a different color if you have only the one wrap in the vicinity.

Caulking may also be affected by the weather, so while you are painting over your aluminum, you should check the caulking to ensure that it does not need replacing. If the caulking comes away when touched with your fingers, then it is probably too damaged to remain and should be removed and fresh caulking applied.