Amazing Game Room Ideas-Wall Art

The Game Room of your home greatly benefits from wall art, like handmade decorations or family photos. It is the perfect place to display your creativity because it is a room designed for entertainment and happiness. The following article will provide you with some quick creative ideas on how to decorate the walls of your game room.

Family Photographs Make an Excellent Decoration:

Use the space in your game room to flaunt the beauty of your family. If you do not have any professional photographs take your own! Use a digital camera and capture photographs of your family enjoying activities together. Print them out in varying sizes and frame them accordingly.

It is wise to choose picture frames that fit a theme or color scheme that is also present in your game room.

Strategically place the picture frames around your game room in a way that is visually attractive. You may consider hanging your family member’s specific achievements alongside a photograph of him or her. Use your photo gallery to commemorate and celebrate your family and their specific talents.

An Easy Wall Art Project:

Art is an excellent way to connect with your family or merely express yourself. The following art project yields beautiful results perfect for the atmosphere of a game room. Before you begin, make note of the space that you have to decorate. Remember that you can purchase several small canvases to fill a large area instead of one large one. These stylistic elements should be decided upon before beginning your project.

All you need to create a unique wall hanging is canvas, paint/brushes, aluminum foil and imagination. Acquire at least three different colors of paint that will complement the colors already present in your game room. You want your walls to blend in with the rest of the room.

Be sure to spread newspaper underneath the area that you plan on painting your canvas and then lay the canvas out in a manner which they can be easily reached. Before you begin painting, break off some sheets of aluminum foil and slightly crumple them; the crumpled parts of the foil will ad texture to your piece.

Now, choose the color of paint which you would like to stand out the most in your pictures and thickly cover the entire canvas. While the paint is still wet, lay several pieces of the crumpled foil on top of the wet paint and press down slightly. Bar in mind that at the end of the project, the foil will be removed and the paint underneath will show through so feel free to make the foil any shape you’d like.

Let the first layer dry completely before covering the canvas with your second color of paint. Cover parts of the second color with foil while the paint is still wet and allow it to dry before repeating the process again with any subsequent colors you have chosen.

When all the paint has dried, peel off all of the aluminum foil to reveal your hand-made piece of abstract art—perfectly designed for the game room of your home.