Amphibious ATV's: Rust Prevention and Removal

Amphibious ATV's spend a lot of time in the water. Because of this, rust has the opportunity to set in and eat away at the metal parts of your ATV. When metal comes in contact with water, a chemical reaction occurs when it mixes with oxygen, which causes rust. Because you want to protect your ATV investment, it is wise to identify the areas of your amphibious ATV that are rusting. Follow the tips below to remove rust and keep your machine in great operating condition.

Inspect and Remove Wheels

If your amphibious ATV sees frequent action in water, there is a good chance that one or multiple areas of your ATV have become rusted. After your ATV has been immobile for a couple of days, position the ATV outside on a bright day to increase visibility. If being outside is not possible due to weather, a small space in your garage or beneath a shelter will suffice. Inspect the wheels of your ATV for any traces of rust. It is recommended that you thoroughly check on and around the lug nuts that hold the tire on. Rust often starts at the base where the lug nuts meet the face of the wheel. It will be necessary to remove all wheels from your ATV to inspect the rotors for signs of rust.

Remove Body

The fiberglass body that covers the frame of your ATV can be removed with the proper tools. Loosen all bolts that hold the body onto the frame. Place the bolts in a central area to prevent them from getting lost. Once the body is removed, inspect the frame, axle and engine area for rust.

Clean Affected Areas

It is necessary to clean the oil, dirt and grime from the rusted areas of your ATV before treating the metal. Using hot soapy water with a mild detergent and a light steel wool pad will help to remove the dirt and grime from the wheels, axles and frame of your ATV. Once you have completed the entire cleaning process, rinse the area thoroughly and allow to air dry.

Apply Rust Remover

There are a few different types of rust removing chemicals that are effective at removing and preventing rust on the metals of your ATV. Hardware stores often carry different types of chemicals, depending upon the severity of the rust. Be sure to read the user's instructions on the labeling to determine which type remover will be good for your ATV. While there are some harsh chemicals that could potentially damage your ATV's important parts, there are also organic type rust removers that don't compromise the paint finish on your ATV as some chemicals may.

If choosing an organic type rust remover, you can spray the substance on the affected areas of your wheels and frame and any other part that is affected by rust. Some organic rust remover manufacturers claim that little scrubbing effort is needed, as the chemical dissolves the rust. Wipe away the chemical with a damp cloth and allow to dry.