Anchoring A Garden Arch In 4 Steps

What You'll Need
Rubber Mallet
Rocks or other garden accents
L-Shaped Metal Braces
Half-inch screws
Electric screwdriver
Angled Re-bar (also known as U-bend Re-bar)
Anchor Kit (optional)

Adding a garden arch to your landscaping efforts can go a long way to putting that finishing touch on your beautiful garden. The only real hassle with a garden arch, regardless if they are wood or metal, is keeping them standing up. Most retail purchased garden arches are not properly balanced and this means you have to anchor them. If not then the garden arch could easily be knocked over by a strong wind which could cause the arch to break or it could fall on your garden.

Step 1 - Where to Put the Garden Arch

Once you have purchased your garden arch and put it together it is time to select where you want it placed. Since you have to anchor the arch you will need to find a location that will allow for the best possible results. You will want to avoid placing your arch any hard surfaces such as gravel, stone, concrete, wood or black top. Instead you will want to place your arch in an area of soft to medium ground.

Step 2 - Increasing Structural Integrity

In order to properly anchor a wooden garden arch you typically have to increase the strength of the legs or you still risk the structure breaking in case of high winds. This is not a worry on metal arches so feel free to skip this step and instead use a purchased anchor kit which can be found at most garden supply stored. Gather your metal braces and attach them where the legs meet the posts with the screws.

Step 3 - Placing and Anchoring the Arch

Now that your arch is stronger and you have found the proper place to put your arch it's time to anchor it in place. Now, move your arch to your chosen spot and make certain it's exactly how you want it. Once you are sure you will need your U-bend re-bar and rubber mallet. With your arch where you want use the mallet to hammer the re-bar in place so that the bent end wraps around the legs of the arch. Place one re-bar over each leg in the front and back and pound them into the ground until they are firmly in place.

Not every garden center you will visit will carry U-bend re-bar. If you do not live in a windy area your current garden accents may be all your need. If your arch is close to a fence you can tether it down near the base using twine, high-tense fishing line or rope.

Step 4 - Disguising the Anchor

Nobody wants re-bar to be seen in their pristine garden so the only solution is to cover the anchor with a clever disguise. The easiest way in which to hide the re-bar is by placing rocks around the site. If using rocks aren't in your design plans then consider using mulch, decorative stone, lawn ornaments or foliage of your liking.