Anchoring a Partition Wall: Parallel to Joists

A partition wall can be used to create a divider in a large room. Doing so isn’t difficult it just requires some planning and the right tools and materials. These are as follows:

Choose Placement and Measure

Decide where you want the partition wall located. Measure the length the wall will cover.  Use the utility knife to score and remove the drywall along the path of the wall, exposing the joists on either side. Measure the distance between the joists and cut enough 2X4 blocks to place them every 18 inches.

Secure Blocks

Secure the blocks between the joists every 18 inches by toenailing them in with screws and then with one screw through the joists into the blocks. Make sure the bottom of the blocks is flush with the bottoms of the joists.

Hang Top Plate

Using the chalk line, make a mark along the length of the proposed partition wall. Support the first 2X4 and align it with the chalk line. Secure it to the blocks you previously installed with wood screws. Continue across to the end of the partition wall.

The preceding paragraphs contain simple instructions on how to anchor a partition wall top plate between ceiling joists.