Angle Iron

The angle iron has always been a useful tool. An angle iron is a piece of steel or iron bent at a 90 degree angle. It’s usually used to support structural framework. You can even create new objects out of old ones by using an angle iron.

Transforming an Old Bed Frame into a Workbench or Cart with an Angle Iron

The bed frame should already be disassembled into the different pieces and you will need two bed frames for each bench.

Start this project by drilling and bolting the base pieces together. In some instances you might be able to lock the pieces together with the pegs that are already there.

Next you want to cut out four legs for the bench. This will vary depending on how high you want your bench to be. Ultimately after cutting it you need to notch the legs so the base can bolt to them.

Take the angle iron and clamp it down. This will ensure that your corners are at a perfect 90 degree angle.

Slowly drill the corner with the angle iron and place a bolt in it to secure it. Make sure you do this slowly so you don’t dull your drill bit.

Now all you have to do is repeat the last two steps with four more pieces of metal to make the top part of the bench and secure it to the legs.