Animals On the Wall Keep Kids Entertained

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Creativity is probably most appreciated in a child’s bedroom, but there are dozens of ways to add a unique touch to this bedroom. It can be hard to choose the best, but children tend to favor animal themes, especially children between the ages of five and 10. Every child is different, but children in this age range seem to love animals, especially a favorite animal.

For example, if your daughter loves horses, then choosing a horse-themed room can be a lot of fun, and adding horses to the walls is easy and inexpensive. Fictional animals like a unicorn can be paired with a rainbow or a dragon with a cave theme. The same can be said for almost any animal. There are many ways to add animals on the walls to keep your kid entertained and relaxed in his or her bedroom.

Stuffed Animals

Most children have a vast collection of stuffed animals that they treasure, but they gradually outgrow these animals and they wind up stuffed in a box or attic corner. Instead of getting rid of them, choose to keep them on display as a keepsake. You can do this by adding corner stuffed animal nets or use shelving at the top of the room to set up treasured creatures. These may seem babyish to your child, but they are treasures to you, and often to him or her too, although they may not admit it.


Posters are one of the most popular methods for adding anything on the wall, especially animals or character themes. They are very cheap, often costing less than $10 each, and frames are inexpensive as well. Posters work well for a large variety of age ranges and characters, and there are dozens that are suitable for boys or girls. You can find them in many retailers and online, across the nation.

The best place to find posters of animals is often online. There are dozens of websites that are dedicated to this, and shipping is very cheap in most cases. Some websites even offer free shipping options for minimum purchases, allowing you to decorate the whole room for much less than you might have thought originally.


Much like posters, prints are usually color or black and white photographs that have been enlarged to get the best detail. They are slightly more expensive than the average poster but are very sophisticated and detailed, so they are a great idea for older kids. If you are using them in a bedroom for a smaller child, you may want to consider hanging it very high in order to avoid breakage.

Cling prints or posters are a great way to avoid damage to your wall, as they usually “stick” to the wall without becoming affixed or requiring nails. The sticky backside usually comes right off when you peel, without taking the paint or stain with it, letting you have the opportunity to move or straighten as desired. This is a great idea when you are working with a rental home, as it will not damage the walls but still gives you a chance to get creative in a kid’s bedroom.