Antibacterial Fabric Choices for Bathroom Mats

Bathroom mats are an indispensable accessory in any bathroom. However they tend to get dirty rather quickly. Bathrooms are rooms which naturally retain a lot of humidity and moisture due to the constant use of water and soaps. These cause bacteria such as mold and fungus to develop rather easily.

When considering that most of the time you stand on bathroom mats barefooted it is even more crucial to make sure to select mats made from suitable materials so as to prevent any bacteria from growing. Such bacteria could lead to skin problems apart from the fact that it is unhealthy. Besides they may make the mat and the immediate surroundings look unsightly if not properly and regularly cleaned. Here we shall be discussing some materials and fabrics which are suitable for preventing bacteria from growing or multiplying. It is best to go for such a bathroom mat the next time you need to purchase one.


Bamboo is a type of material which is naturally anti-fungal. Its properties provide this advantage, and being a natural material it has a flair of its own. It can give a nice touch to any bathroom and it can be woven in various styles and shapes to make it even more appealing. Sometimes it is also amalgamated with other materials to make up simple yet stylish bathroom mats.

Hemp Fabric

Hemp is a type of fabric which is often used to be woven with other fabrics such as cotton, so as to build up properties in the mat against bacterial and fungal production. Hemp is completely natural and does not include artificial elements, thus being ideal for a bathroom mat.


Cotton is not only a cheap alternative but also a type of fabric which is soft and easy to clean and maintain. Since you can very easily wash and dry cotton it helps a great deal to maintain it in a clean state and therefore the production of bacteria is not very likely to be triggered.

Cork Fabric

Cork fabric is a very soft kind of material which is made up of cork being woven into fabric in order to produce items such as bathroom mats. Cork fabric is a natural kind of material which impedes bacterial environments from being introduced, including fungal generation. It also has the advantage of not absorbing water. This is beneficial since various bacteria are prone to grow and multiply in humid environments.

Recycled Plastic and Artificial Fabrics

Recycled plastic and similar artificial fabrics are also being engineered to be amalgamated through the production of bathroom mats as well as other items. These kinds of materials have the advantages of being relatively easy to wash and maintain, while also being able to inhibit bacterial and fungal breeding.

Anti-Microbial Polypropylene

This type of fabric has been manufactured in such a way to be composed of elements which enable it to dry quickly, avoid water retention and also resist stains. These factors help a great deal towards avoiding bacterial growth.