Antique Kitchen Faucets: Three Things to Consider Before Buying

An antique kitchen faucet can bring a great deal of character to your older or even newly remodeled kitchen. Although these faucets are unique and beautiful, there are certain details you should consider before you make your purchase.

Make Sure Everything Matches Up

There is a difference between antique and antique in appearance. Many faucet manufacturers offer antique styles that have modern fittings that will fit your piping. Antique faucets with older fittings may not in actuality fit your modern pipes. It would be wise to compare the antique faucet fitting with the fitting you have on your current kitchen faucet to ensure an exact match.

Choose Your Material Wisely

When working with antique materials, it is important that you choose something that will not just be functional but offer the longevity you need.  Certain older styles of faucets can rust or are made of such heavy materials that they will wear out quickly. Think about where and how the faucet will be used before choosing a particular kind.

Refurbish Before Installing

Regardless of the faucet you choose, take the time to do the repair work as necessary before beginning the installation. Replace washers, make sure the threads haven't worn away, and clean off any water deposits, stains, or rust. This will ensure that the faucet is fully operational and will be durable for many years of use.