Appliance Panels

Appliance panels are available for those who want to resurface their appliance without much fuss. Why would you want to resurface your appliances? It could be to hide that old green color on your refrigerator that still works well, but no longer fits with your your kitchen's new cabinets and paint. Or to hide rust stains and small scratches that are starting to show up in various places.

The Benefits of Using Appliance Panels

There are many ways to resurface your old, beat up appliances. Using appliance panels has the advantage of being easy to install, as well as giving the appliance a brand new look. A lot of dishwashers and refrigerators are made with trims that hold the panels in place.

To find replacement panels, go to a store that sells the same brand and ask them to order replacement panels for you. Most of them will be able to find what you need. Or, you can simply go to the appliance manufacturer website to find such panels. There are inexpensive, and you can easily replace them yourself.

If you cannot find the right panel kit for your appliance, a third party appliance panel kit can be found in an appliance store. Such kits may cost a little more and may not be available right away. They usually need more work to be installed properly, and comes with paneling, frames and hardware. It is a great solution for a very old appliance that is no longer on the market.

Fully Integrated Paneling

This is one of the biggest trends in home decoration these days. It consist in covering the appliances with the same material used for the kitchen cabinets. The same pieces of hardware are also installed on the panels, so it totally covers the appliances. It can make a kitchen looks very elegant and classy, but it definitely needs a bigger budget. Make sure this is a look that you want to keep for many years before investing in this kind of appliance covers.

Alternatives to Appliances Panels

There are some alternatives to appliance panels if your budget is on a shoe string and if you are able to make it a do-it-yourself project. There are several peel-and-stick paper styles that you can easily find on the market. The process is a lot like installing wall paper.

You got to be handy enough to apply it without making folding marks and air bubbles. You can even find the stainless steel look in peel-and-stick version. This option is inexpensive, and you can remove the paper if you get tired of the look and do it again with another color.

Another way to resurface your appliances is to repaint them. This is by far the easiest and the most economical solution. You can find special paint that will both resist high temperatures and improve the look of an older appliance.