Applying Concrete Sealant to a Pool Deck

What You'll Need
Outdoor broom
Garden hose
Trisodium phosphate
Paint tray
Concrete sealer
Concrete top sealer

Applying concrete sealant to a pool deck is very important since pool decks are often exposed to water and moisture. These factors often wear out the color of concrete or develop mold when the pool deck is not often exposed to sunlight if it is an indoor pool. Mold can make the concrete slippery and will be a hazard to people staying around the pool. Sealing it with a concrete sealant will help maintain the color and finish of your pool deck and will also help avoid development of cracks and stains and will maintain its aesthetic look for a longer time.

Step 1 - Clean the Pool Deck Area

Clean the area so that when you seal it, it will look good as new. Using your outdoor broom, sweep away all dirt and debris around the pool deck area. Applying sealant over dirt and debris will not make the sealant stick well and will probably seal in things you do not want sealed in. If there are stains on your concrete deck, take your brush and 1 cup of trisodium phosphate and scrub away all the stains on the deck. Use a garden hose and wash away dirt until it is totally cleaned. Let it dry before applying your concrete sealant.

Step 2 - Mix Sealant

Take an empty can and paint stirrer and stir in the sealant and mix well. Avoid any mixing movements that will develop air bubbles like shaking.

Step 3 - Seal Your Pool Deck

Pour the mixed concrete sealant into a paint tray. Put your roller brush into the sealer until an adequate amount of sealer has been absorbed in your roller brush. Starting from the corners, apply an even, thin layer on your deck. Avoid making puddles due to too much sealant application. If this is the case, use your roller brush and even it out.

Step 4 - Let Sealant Dry

Concrete sealants usually take 24 hours to dry completely. If in doubt, check the sealant container for manufacturer recommendations. Allowing the sealant to dry completely will make the sealant more efficient.

Step 5 - Apply Second Coat

As soon as the first coat has dried, you may apply a second sealant coat. Apply in thin even coats once again. Repeat drying process and finally add a third layer. Add more sealant on high traffic areas like walkways.

Step 6 - Apply Top Concrete Sealer

While the third layer is still a little damp, apply the top concrete sealer. This will finally finish your concrete sealing process. Allow at least 10 days before using your pool area.