Applying Floor Sealant to Floating Laminate Flooring

Slats of laminate flooring laying in a pile on a blue cloth.
What You'll Need
Floor rag or mop (chamois or rayon rags)
Protective clothing
Floor sealant
Floor buffer (optional)

Putting sealant on your floating laminate flooring is a simple task. Floating laminate is a type of flooring that is usually made out of wood fiber pressed between other building materials such as paper or plastic laminate. Most of these boards are made to resemble real wood too. With its composition and design, this type of flooring is economical and at the same time durable for most households.

Floor sealant should always be applied to your laminate flooring to increase its durability and to avoid damage from accidental spills and dust, among other things.

Step 1 - Prepare the Floor

Make sure your work area is clean and clear of any form of obstruction. This is a simple yet very important step if you want to maintain the durability of your flooring. A lot of people can make huge mistakes only because there is a little dust in the floor.

It would be advisable to use a chamois rag to dry your floor after cleaning it up to make sure the area is really dry and ready for sealing. Make sure you have enough ventilation to serve as an exhaust to your work area, and wear protective clothing as well before handling the sealant.

Step 2 - Prepare the Solution

There are some sealants that will require you to mix and prepare a solution before application. Unless stated, you will need two buckets; one to contain the sealant and one for clean water. The clean water will be there for washing your rag as needed.

Step 3 – Apply the Solution

Use your rag or mop to spread the solution on the floor, making sure that the application is even in all parts in the room. A milky film will help indicate whether you placed too much solution or not. If it is present, your coverage is too thick and some will need to be removed.

Always let the area dry completely before applying a second or third layer to keep the additional coats from clumping on top. It is not advisable to go beyond three layers of floor sealant since too much sealant on your laminate flooring will cause it to look dull.

Step 4 – Dry the Sealant

Once you are done applying the layers, you can use a floor buffer to put sparkle in your floor surface. If you don’t have a floor buffer, you may use a clean rag to serve as a buffer instead. Just wipe the floor in a circular motion until you are satisfied with its shine. Although you may buff the floor in between application of layers, it’s a good option to do this once you’re done with the entire application process. After this, your flooring should be all set.