Applying Poly Tape to an Electric Fence Safely

What You'll Need
Wooden posts
Appropriate Material for line post
Poly tape
Electric chargers
Ground rods

Poly tape is mostly used in electric fences to increase protection from electric shock and therefore maintain the safety of the area.

Step 1 -  Install Posts

Use wood to make posts for the corners, gates and the tops and bottoms of hills. Sink them into the ground about 3 feet. The line posts can be made of  steel, wood or plastic. Refer to the manufacturers instructions for the correct depth. Make sure they are 90 degrees to the ground and are of the required height.

Step 2 – Attach Tensioners

Tensioners are to be attached to the gate and corner posts as per manufacturers instructions. Use properly spaced strands.

Step 3 – Proper Fence Insulation

The insulators should be attached to the line posts with proper spacing. Attach the poly tape to a gate or a corner post tensioner. Feed the poly tape through all of the insulators, but don’t close them yet. The poly tape should be attached to a tensioner on another post without tightening it.

Step 4 – Tighten Fence

Starting at the first tensioner, pull the tape taut then close the insulator. Repeat this process for all the posts in the fence keeping the tape taught for the length of the fence.

Step 5 – Finishing Up

The chargers for the fence should be covered and be close to an electrical outlet. Dig the ground rods in and attach them to each other with the insulated cable which is joined to the negative charger lead. The top cable of the fence is connected to the positive terminal. Plug in the circuit with a cut-off switch between the connectors.