Applying Premixed Grout on Vinyl Tile

Lead Image for Applying Premixed Grout on Vinyl Tile

Applying premixed grout to vinyl tile is a task that should be carried out with care. This is especially due to the fact that vinyl tiles are shallower than most other tiles, and so the grout needs to be applied more neatly.

Pour the Premixed Grout

Pour the premixed grout you acquired into a bucket. You do not have to add or mix anything, as it is ready to use. Place it at one of the corners of the room so as to start off from there.

Applying the Grout

Scoop some premixed grout onto a grout float. Afterward, press it into the line between the vinyl tiles, while trying to avoid having grout fall onto the tile's surface. If you do not have a grout float you may use a putty knife to apply the grout into the grout lines. Press the grout downwards and smoothen it to achieve a neater result. Keep repeating this process until you finish all the floor area.

Removing Excess Grout

The more carefully you applied the grout, the less excess grout you will have to remove. Dip a small sponge in a bucket of warm water and start wiping away any excess grout. Be careful not to wet the grout as it will ruin all your work. While doing so you will be also producing a neater and more linear grout line.