Applying Sealant Tape to Metal Roofs

What You'll Need
Sealant tape
Metal sealant
Paint brush

When leaks form in your metal roof, you can use sealant tape could be used to seal the small cracks. But this should be used with another sealant over it such as a metal sealant to ensure that water is kept out of the roof. Metal roofs do not usually develop cracks before 25 years of use, but cracks can form if water gets between two roof panels. Sealant tape should only used on small cracks on a metal roof.

Step 1 - Locate Leaks on Roof

Always have someone assist you on this. Make sure that when you access you roof you are able to walk on it safely. Roofs that are angled too high can be unsafe to walk on if you do not have a proper safety harness to support you. Leaks will enter between 2 panels so inspect the whole roof and see where water can be entering.

Step 2 - Measure the Cracks

Measure the cracks so you can determine how much tape you will need to use.

Step 3 - Clean Roof of Debris

Sweep or wipe leaves and other debris off the metal. This will help the sealant tape adhere well to the surface of the roof.

Step 4 - Apply Sealant Tape

The tape should be placed on the crack and the on each side of the crack. Apply metal sealant with a paintbrush over the sealant tape. Check label for curing time. Apply a second coat.