Applying Sealant: Waterproofing Wooden Balconies

What You'll Need
Waterproofing sealant
Long handled-roller
Masking tape
Protective clothing

You need to use a waterproofing sealant to maintain the beauty of your wooden balcony. A lot of people aspire to have this type of balcony built in their own homes. And who wouldn’t want one? Wooden balconies add up to the appeal of your home, making it look cozy and appealing. Maintaining this type of balcony is not really tedious at all.

You just need to use a waterproofing sealant to protect the wooden structure from the elements. Waterproofing your balcony will help you save money in terms of maintenance.

Step 1- Prepare Your Area

Remove all items in the balcony and use a broom to carefully sweep the room. If you want the area to be clean from dust, use a mop, dip it in water and wring it until there is no more water. Use the dry mop to clean the area. Once the area is dry and clean from dust; get your newspapers and masking tape and cover all the areas that are not supposed to be sprayed with the waterproofing sealant. This includes the entrance to the house, the flooring and other connected lighting fixtures in the room.

Use your ladder to cover all the hard-to-reach areas in the balcony.

Step 2 – Prepare the Materials

Once you are done cleaning the area, put on your protective clothing. Since you’ll be on the balcony, there's no need for additional ventilation—unless, you feel that it is necessary. Check the directions and the manufacturer’s note on how to mix the use the waterproofing sealant. Unless mentioned in the directions, put the sealant into the sprayer.

In this type of work, safety is very important. Remember you are dealing with chemicals. If you have contact with the chemical, wash at once. If rashes or symptoms appear, seek help from you local physician.

Step 3 – Apply the Sealant

Keep your ladder handy as you go up to spray the farthest parts of the balcony. To make things easier for you, start at the top and make your way to the bottom. Spray the sealant in an even manner. Apply be area until you are done. Once you are done with the first layer, leave the area for 40-60 minutes or until the area is completely dry. After drying, you can proceed to spray the new layer of waterproofing sealant.

Step 4 - Dry the Sealant

Use your long-handled brush to remedy or to burst the bubbles caused by the air bubbles. Once you are done with the application, remove the newspapers and dispose of them at once. Keep the area and your tools out of the reach of children. Wipe spills with newspaper and put your trash in a separate garbage bag. Unless mentioned in the packaging, wait for 24 to 48 hours to allow the fumes to clear away.