Applying Spray Sealant Foam

If you have cracks in your home, spray sealant can provide a quick and easy fix to the problem. Spray foam expands to fill a gap or hole and will block out wind and cold. Applying the sealant is very simple and can be done in just a few minutes. Follow the easy steps below to successfully apply spray sealant foam.

Step 1 - Examine the Gap

Spray foam will not fill large holes or gaps. In most cases, the gap or hole will need to be less than 1 inch wide. However, you should read the can because this measurement can vary between brands.

You should also consider where the gap goes in your wall. If it runs through an opening in your sheet rock, spray foam will not work. As you spray the foam, it will flow into the space of the wall and you will never close the gap.

Step 2 - Choose Your Attachments and Spray

Most spray foam products are packaged with attachments you can use. If you are spraying into a small space, you may want to use the straw attachment that will allow you to reach into the tight area. This will prevent excess foam from getting on your wall.

When you begin spraying, remember that the foam will expand. Therefore, you should watch closely to ensure you do not overfill the gap.

Step 3 - Remove Excess

If you do have excess foam after you are done spraying, you can easily remove it. Use a razor knife or sharp cutting instrument to cut away the excess foam. The foam will cut very easily.