Aquaponics: Keeping a Continuous Flow

In any aquaponics system, keeping a continuous flow is of paramount importance. Aquaponic systems can grow rather complex, and as such there are a number of factors to keep in consideration.

Maintenance of Your Hydroponic Equipment

Hyrdoponic equipment is well-suited to aquaponics, but you have to take precautions. Make sure your water is properly flowing from your tank to your plant growing beds, and back into the tank. Not only will poorly flowing water leave you with thirsty plants, it will prevent the plants from absorbing the ammonia the fish produce, potentially creating a health hazard for the fish.

Periodically check that no tubing is obstructed and your water circulation is continuous.  Unblock or replace any clogged tubing immediately.

Quantity and Type of Fish

Some variety of fish adapt into an eco-system more easily. If you are expanding your repertoire to more than just the standard Tilapia, you will have to take into account the different dietary and excretory patterns of the different species, and how this will affect the flow of your environment. Increasing your number of fish regardless of species will complicate your flow arrangement, and should be done with extreme caution and attentiveness.

Keeping a continuous flow may take a little trial and error, but with the proper care, your flow will be up to speed in no time.