Architect House Plans: Concept to Design Processing Time

Building a house can be very complicated and it all starts with architect house plans. The process of designing your house and getting it built can take a very long time to complete.

Planning Your House

Before you actually get an architect involved you can start planning your house yourself. To do this you first need to measure the size of your lot. Once you have that information you can then use a piece of graph paper to design your house. You might also like to use home design software to make this slightly easier.


Take your design to an architect, they will be able to draw your design up into a proper blue print for your property. The architect will be able to ensure that the design is safe and that the building will be properly. It will take a few weeks before you will get your plans passed off again.

Breaking the Ground

When you have your finished plans it's time to start building the house. You will need to hire professional builders to make this possible. Building a house can take a few months depending on how quickly you can get builders on site. Make sure that you hire responsible builders who won't cut corners.


Once the house is up, then you just need to decorate it however you want. From concept to finished house it normally takes between 6 to 12 months.