Are Bug Zappers Harmful To Children?

Bug zappers are effective methods of killing insects with minimal effort. As a result, they are very popular, and millions of these devices being sold every spring and summer. They are considered a clean, easy and satisfying means of electrocuting mosquitoes in backyards or near campsites. These electric zappers are also widely used as fly killers.

However, the negative aspects of these devices are not as publicized. Bug zappers use electricity to kill mostly harmless and beneficial insects that are attracted to the device's fluorescent lights or chemicals. 

Listed below are some of the reasons to keep these devices away from young children.


  • The use of electricity in these toy-like devices makes it particularly dangerous to young children. These devices are often carelessly placed near power lines or flammable gas, and they hang even during lighting storms and when the underlying grass is wet.
  • Young children will be drawn to the bright lights of a zapper.
  • If an unsupervised child pushes a finger through the mesh, he will experience a painful electric shock.
  • A bug zapper left outside in the rain could spark and ignite on fire.


The bright lights and chemicals of a bug zapper actually draw more insects to your yard than might normally be there.

When an insect is killed by the bug zapper, its body explodes. Pieces of the bug are sprayed around the area. They could land on a child's clothing, hands or even food. This is a major health hazard as insects can carry many diseases.