Are Exterior French Doors Energy Efficient?

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While there are a variety of options these days to make your home more energy-efficient, installing exterior French doors is one option that is both easy on your wallet and likely to increase the value of your home.

Upgrading Your Doors

The homeowner should always take appearance into consideration when choosing a door. The exterior doors are the first thing a guest sees when entering a home. Luckily, French doors make any entryway visually appealing.

Exterior French doors are an excellent upgrade, not only because of their stylishness and the way they are able to make a room look larger and brighter but also because recent improvements in French doors have made them more energy efficient.

Door Options

Wood doors with energy-efficient fiberglass are a popular choice because of their classic-look and energy-efficiency. On top of these benefits, many French doors are made with special-grade glass that is not only energy-efficient but can also withstand the worst of the elements, including high winds and extreme temperatures.

If you are looking for a more affordable option than expensive wood, steel doors offer the same efficiency as wood doors but at a fraction of the cost.

Fiberglass is a very popular choice for the windowpanes in French doors. Fiberglass is essentially maintenance-free and is virtually shatter-proof. In addition, fiberglass doesn’t warp, crack, expand, rust, or dent like many other materials used in other types of doors.

Regardless of which kind of exterior door is chosen, homeowners should make sure that their doors are weatherproofed to prevent energy loss and damage from intrusion by the elements.

Exterior French doors are a great option for the homeowner looking to keep their home energy costs down and increase the value of their equity with a visually pleasing upgrade.