Are Glass Staircases Practical for Homes?

Glass staircases can be a fashionable addition to any home or office building and are often an indicator of class and sophistication. However, the question remains: Are glass staircases practical? If you've ever considered installing this type of staircase in your home or place of business, this article will walk you through the pros and cons synonymous with glass stairs, thus helping you determine their practicality once and for all.


Glass staircases are often just as durable as traditional wooden staircases, sometimes even more so. While it's entirely understandable that glass is typically associated with fragility, the types of glass used to construct staircases are of a thick, highly durable nature. Also, unlike wood, glass doesn't begin to rot over time, nor is it susceptible to termites. That said, in the event that a stair is broken, repair and replacement costs can be quite steep, especially when compared to those associated with traditional stairs. Still, breakage is fairly uncommon and, assuming your staircase is properly cared for, is not a problem with which you're likely to be faced. Also, the surface of each step is obscured, ensuring that women wearing skirts need not worry about having their privacy violated.


Another possible advantage to glass stairs is that they are somewhat easier to clean than traditional wooden ones. In addition to not needing to be cleaned as often as wooden stairs, glass stairs are far less susceptible to dust. Cleaning glass stairs is often as simple as wiping them down with an all-natural glass cleaning product. Keep in mind that your stairs may be a little slippery until the product fully dries, although the same rule generally applies to wood cleaning products as well. As is the case with wooden stairs, glass stairs can be vacuumed should the need arise.


In addition to being sturdy and easily cleanable, glass staircases are very pleasing to the eye and give any residence or building in which they are found a distinctly modern day feel. They also come in a variety of different styles ranging from traditional vertical staircases found primarily in private residences to rounded, curve-laden designs widely used in newer office buildings. People who have glass stairs in their homes are often regarded as artistic, style-savvy individuals, while businesses that use them tend to be seen as hip and cutting edge. Aesthetics and practicality are two very different things, but when it comes to glass stairs, they generally go hand in hand.  


A steep price tag is perhaps the biggest con associated with glass stairs. Glass stairs are liable to cost you at least thrice the amount of a traditional stairs, due in no small part to the arduous installation process. However, when you take the durability and lifespan of glass stairs into consideration, the initial cost may be well worth it in the long run.

Glass staircases can be a very reliable--but extremely pricey--expenditure. But if you're willing to shell out the cash to install one in your home or office, you'll find them to be a practical purchase.