Are Salt Water Swimming Pools Better on Skin the Chlorine Pools?

Salt water swimming pools are becoming a popular choice for homeowners today. Instead of going with a standard chlorine pool, you can get a pool that is maintained with salt instead. Many people claim that salt is better for your skin. Here are a few things to consider about your skin in salt water pools.

Salt Water Pools

With salt water pools, you are simply going to have to put salt into the pool equipment periodically to maintain the pool. When you have a traditional pool, you have to add chlorine and possibly some other chemicals into it frequently. When the salt mixes with the water, it creates a natural form of chlorine that is much less corrosive.

Effect on Your Skin

If you have ever swam in a salt water pool, you most likely have noticed a difference between it and a traditional chlorine pool. Salt water pools are known for how soft the water feels when you swim in it. This is like swimming in water that has been through a water softener. This means that the water is going to not irritate your skin or make it itch like chlorine water tends to do. You will not have to subject your skin to being around harsh chemicals as you do with a chlorine pool.